Saturday, September 10, 2016

Family Portraits

This year I completed two family (or at least partial family) portraits.  In the first case I know the dad took part as the photographer.  In the second, I have my suspicions.  Thus, it’s thanks to them that the paintings exist.

Joy” began with a Christmas visit with a former Pastor of Petersburg Lutheran Church and my suggestion that I’d sure like to use his beautiful daughters as painting subjects.  It took about one day for his wife, Ying, to send me photos from their family vacation in China.  I chose my favorite, taken indoors in what, by clever sleuthing, I figure was some kind of place to connect with wifi.  At the risk of divulging by secrets, the key clue was a sign behind them that said..WiFi — in English no less with Mandarin lettering above it..  For the background I decided to go with an outdoor theme so I chased Mike and one of his daughters from another photos and used that setting as a reference.

                                Joy   18 x 24 inches   Alkyd on Canvas

In case you’re curious about the title, Karen pointed out that their names are Ying (the mom) and daughters Olivia and Joy, the first letters of which can be arranged to spell…

The Cheat” arrived as an email request from one of Karen’s cousins.  “Would I be willing to paint her daughter-in-law, granddaughter and their dog perhaps as an 8 x 10 inch painting”  Oh my, I’d need a magnifying glass to paint it that small.  “How about an 18 x 24 inch canvas?”  

The girls were playing the game “Sleeping Queens” with their golden retriever and it was obvious the dog was cheating.  If you see the painting up close the card stuck in the dog’s collar proves it.  In case you think I’m being overly untrusting, follow the pooch’s gaze.  See.  Now, I’m not sure I’m done with Leah, the granddaughter.  I’d love to paint a large portrait of her.