Thursday, June 4, 2015

Two Fishers

Two portraits — one theme (albeit obscure).  Pastor Al (also known as Pastor Owl to Sawyer at his age depicted in the painting “Sunday Morning Lesson”) has devoted his life to being a fisher of men.  Sarah in the painting “Budding Scientist” was a fisher of a sole (as opposed to a soul as was Pastor Al).

                                             Sunday Morning Lesson  12x16 inches  Alkyd on Canvas

I based “Sunday Morning Lesson” on a photo Karen took during Pastor Al’s children sermon at Petersburg Lutheran Church a few years back.  The photo included quite a few more of the children, but the image of Sawyer and Al struck me as a perfect composition — the triangle between Al’s gaze at Sawyer, Sawyer’s gaze at Al’s hand and the unstated line between Al’s hand and his eyes.  In the photo a young girl behind Sawyer was totally distracted so did not get to “participate” in the painting.  I wanted Pastor Al to have the painting as I also wanted the Church and Sawyer’s family to have it.  Perhaps I’ll continue the theme in future pieces.

                                             Budding Scientist  12 x 12 inches  Alkyd on Canvas

“Budding Scientist” depicts Sarah as she inspects a rock sole she (I think) caught in Petersburg, Alaska.  Sarah’s father is a scientist.  Her grandfather (who took the photo on which this painting is based) is a scientist.  Could it be?  I was particularly struck with how gentle Sarah’s obviously strong hands are as she holds the fish and her look of curiosity even though you can’t actually see the wonder in her eyes.