Friday, April 10, 2015

Foggy Coast

With two sunny days on the Oregon coast committed to our memory banks, Karen and and I were already tallying up our options for how to savor our last two days lazing among those rays.   Should I paint at this log or that one, where was the best spot on our deck to read without getting too much sunburn, did we have enough sunscreen?  Two days had converted us into sun addicts so that we now drooled at the thought of our next daily fix.  We went to bed anticipating waking once again to golden rays flooding our bedroom.  

Red skies at night, sailor's delight.  So the adage goes.  However, we weren't on the ocean.  We were 100 yards further east, so...

While Oregon was indeed sunny for those last two days, the offshore ocean fog bank laying over the Pacific had other plans.   Yes, inland it was sunny.  Not so our temporary home.  Like an over-stuffed waffle iron, the surplus fog spilled over totally engulfing our beach for the next two days.  What were we to do?  Run into Tillamook to buy new tires for our car, of course.  Oh yes — and then savor the mystery of the fog.

                                                            Yes, the ocean is out there -- somewhere. 

                   We photographed this forest above the coast more than once, but this is my favorite image of it.

                              Why fly in the fog under IFR (instrument flight rules) conditions when you can...

Find a yummy dead or soon to be dead delicacy among the rocks.  It made Karen and me so hungry we had to rush home for dinner.

Minus tides revealed a sea cave under the Cape that we hadn't spotted during earlier explorations.  As usual it took Karen's keen new cataract-free eyes to spot it.  Me -- I left my shoes in the car so was too focused on avoiding sharp rocks to notice.

And so ended our "sunny" last two days on the beach at Cape Meares.  It was time to load the car and head north to Alaska.

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