Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This fall, Petersburg’s Wild Celery Gallery, Karen’s and my only “brick and mortar” (really more of a wood and drywall structure) outlet for our art, closed it’s doors.  Brenda, the owner wanted to retire and buyers were harder to find than hairs where I once had a cowlick north of my brow line.  With no impending shows and limited opportunities to hang paintings in public venues, I figured maybe the good Lord was giving me a nudge.  But in what direction?

I've had suggestions that I devote more time to portraits.  Maybe the pendulum on my personal clock has reached that "hour."  Here are my most recent efforts -- two painting that seemingly have little relationship until I realized both share one common denominator -- the innocent joy that so draws us to children,

                                                 Nora "Berry"   12x 12 inches   Alkyd on Canvas

I frequently look at Becca's photos of her family on her Facebook page.  Oh my, she catches so much personality in her shots.  I spotted one of Nora with her brother, Gus, that kept saying "paint me, paint me."  But Gus's gaze in this photo just didn't work with Nora.  OK, maybe I could temporarily move her brother a little further to the right (like off the canvas).  Don't worry, Becca, I still have my eye on Gus.

                                                      David   12 x 12 inches   Alkyd on Canvas   

I based "David" on a photograph I took of my now 44-year-old son back when he had weathered considerably fewer Alaskan winters -- back when he showed me the pleasures of a dusty Matanuska Valley back road.  What wonderful memories.


Terri Mappin (Seasons 365 Project) said...

I can completely understand the 'push for more portraits!' Don these are so beautiful!!!

Don and Karen Cornelius Artwork said...

Thanks, Terri: I enjoy painting them, too.

Barry and Kathy B said...

Your painting ability is so diverse! I love the trees, the stones, the mountains, and the whimsical ones, to name a few. Over the years, I've often found myself gazing at the portraits of your family around your home. And the painting of the children in th church pew--even though we don't see the faces... All are exquisite!