Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Tease

At every opportunity, Niko (our now deceased four-footed companion) would mascerate any stick within reach like a video-game chain saw.  We figured Jaws, as we once nicknamed her, still clung to her wolf heritage -- seeing herself single handedly turning a vanquished caribou into a mound of butter. 

Meanwhile, our grandson, Devon entered his tease phase.  Like Eve in an apple orchard, any creature with two, four or even eight legs was fair game as he gleefully attempted to bring it’s predatory instincts to the forefront.

Thus the results of any convergence of Niko with Devon were inevitable.  Devon’s expressions showed mischievious joy as Niko attempted to subdue whatever stick or item of clothing Devon wiggled within her eyesight.  In the end Niko usually emerged victorious.

The third leg of this convergence came when Tamia suggested she’d like a painting of Devon -- a subtle “I would like a painting... “  Thus for once Karen and I figured out what we should give Tamia and Cass for their wedding gift -- a painting based on a photo Karen took several years back.  Devon had climbed into the tangled branches of a willow thicket.  Niko, crouched below, was aglow with anticipation as Devon dangled  the requisite stick over her head.  Naturally. each time Niko leaped to grab the stick a delighted Devon retrieved it milliseconds ahead of Niko's gaping jaws.  Of course it was in the best interest of the stick because when Niko finally outmaneuvered Devon the result resembled Eve’s apple after two minutes in a Waring blender.

I finished the piece in a timely manner as I put the finishing brush strokes to the canvas the day before we headed north for the wedding.  Thus, Tamia and Cass received the gift wrapped in some folded cardboard.  OK, it  was still wet when I packed it and TSA would have torn the wrapping off anyway.  It wasn’t the fanciest wrapped gift they received, but at least it was something the newlyweds wanted.

                                    The Tease  12 x 12 inches  Alkyd on Canvas

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Dana said...

Lovely memory to have on a canvas :), good work, hope you two are well :)