Monday, July 8, 2013

A Romantic Alaskan Wedding Part I

Karen and I became bonafide in-laws for the first time this past week.  Yes, I ceremoniously “gave away” my daughter, Tamia, to Cassius Philo.  The impact of the event finally struck home during the ceremony when I was asked  to “give her up.”  Now, in retrospect, maybe I should not have made her a freebee.  After all, a Kenyan tour bus driver offered 16 camels for Karen in 1975. Given rates of inflation I don’t think it would have been unreasonable to have asked for 30 or even 40 camels for Tamia.  As usual my hindsight is 20 - 20 while my foresight is closer to nil. 

So when asked to surrender her and not knowing whether I should say, “you bet,” or “let me think about it,” or even “how many camels am I offered?,” I took a big gulp and, in my state of shell shock, mumbled something akin to uh huh.  One can only hang on to his little girl for so long even if Tamia and Cass have known each other for 10 years.  

Karen and I are now officially in-laws with all the responsibilities and benefits that entails.  I have to say gaining more relatives will undoubtedly be the highlight of our year -- that coupled with seeing the beautiful bride who stole Cass’s heart. 

In a touch of extreme romanticism, Tamia and Cass chose to exchange vows at the exact spot they fell in love -- at a pool below a culvert in Willow Creek,
close to the summit of Hatcher Pass.  Tamia and Cass's hearts united  the day she dove into that frigid water.  Thus, while Cass waited on the Pass side of the creek, I walked Tamia across the culvert -- the gravel of the road adorned with flower pedals -- and on to her destiny as Mrs. Cassius Philo.  Thank goodness Tamia didn’t ask her whole wedding entourage to dive into the creek to commemorate that wonderful day.

We pray that Cass and Tamia live a long happy life together.  Drat, maybe with 50 camels I could have won the Iditarod Race to Nome.

The setting and couple are well documented.  Thank goodness traffic in Hatcher Pass was light on July 3rd.

The plan:  Cass could not view his bride-to-be on the day of the wedding until he walked down the "aisle" (across the culvert) to join her.  David's job was to make sure Cass didn't cheat.
Tamia's sisters and even the wedding photographer make sure Tamia's wedding gown works the way it's supposed to.

          Cass and Tamia Philo are united in matrimony by Tamia's other dad, Ken Fallon. 

                             Tamia pronouncess those beautiful words, "I Do."

   Tamia demonstrates how she got her man while Devon takes note of her techniques.

 Tamia proves to her mom, Elizabeth Fallon that she even had her fishing license when she snagged Cass.  Wait!  Is snagging legal in Willow Creek?

                                  The radiant bride and her son, Devon

Our new relatives, Cass and his brothers, Hiram (left) and Hayes (right) with Tamia and Hiram's wife, Jolene.

Tamia brings her own entourage to the extended family tree:  Left to right Sachiko, Jeannie, Tamia, Cass, David and Pam.  More than one person at the wedding ceremony suggested that it felt like it could snow.  With my extensive experience in dealing with Alaskan weather I assured them, "no way, it's July 3rd."  Naturally, the tops of the surrounding mountains were coated with fresh snow on July 4th. 

Doesn't every bride pause to try her luck at a fishing hole between the wedding ceremony and the reception?  In case you haven't figured it out yet, Tamia loves to fish.


Di said...

Congratulations to the bride and groom! They look very happy and content :). And to you all for enlarging of the family! Have a god day :)

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