Monday, April 1, 2013

Karen and the Geese

Like the city mouse, Karen has a country cousin.  Connie and her husband Bob work for the University of Iowa in Iowa City, she an environmental writer and he a Professor in Astrophysics.  They live in rural Iowa where Connie’s passion is woodland and prairie restoration.  Demonstrating her strong environmental ethic, she and Bob recycle everything possible -- even what most of us happily send into some sort of septic system.  Yep, instead of a flush toilet they have a composting toilet.  Connie and Karen are like sisters who get together as often as a gal in Iowa and one in Alaska can.

Connie and Bob not only recycle, but they also buy organic.  In fact, during one visit they dog sat our Niko while Karen and I visited Karen’s aging mom.  That’s when the organic ham arrived and was set on the kitchen counter.  That’s the day our dog, Niko, developed her preference for organic food.  She even ate the Mutel’s potted fern plant -- sort of like an an after-dinner mint.  To this day Niko turns her nose up at generic peanut butter if we try using it to camouflage her meds.  Connie’s penchant for organic foods has now rubbed off on our dog.

And so it was that Cousin Connie took Karen to a nearby farm to fill her grocery list.  Now Karen adores things that waddle and lo and behold she spied some domestic geese waddling around the farm.  Like a bee honing in on a daffodil, Karen buzzed off to visit those geese. 

Of course she was surprised when the gander of the family decided that maybe he was less fond of Karen than Karen was of him.  Now a hissing goose would convince me that maybe these geese should be photographed from a little greater distance -- such as from Utah or Vermont.  Not Karen.  She simply turned on her charm until they reached a truce.  

Thus were sown the seeds for Karen’s painting, “Mine, All Mine.”  Having also discovered a cart full of pumpkins, Karen decided her geese needed their own pumpkin patch.  More photos.  As a point of contrast with all that orange, she wanted a blue accent.  What better choice than an old colander Karen had picked up at an Iowa farmers market.  She yearned to paint the blue colander and so it found a “home” with the geese in the pumpkin patch.  I don’t think Karen has ever used that colander for it’s intended purpose, but never mind, there are many items in our house that Karen uses for purposes that no inventor could have ever envisioned.  If you’re in doubt, just take a look at her bird feeders.  

                                            Mine, All Mine    12 x 16 inches    Acrylic


alaskamimi1 said...

Love this new painting. Karen, you always know the right vantage point, colors, and texture for each painting.

Don and Karen Cornelius Artwork said...

Dear Alaskamimi!
thank you for your kind words! I DO NOT always know the right colors and textures but do like to have my vantage point engage the viewer. It is always such a joy to see a painting come alive and know that others are enjoying it too! have a fine day Karen